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The Process Of Making Milk

Basic Steps You Should Know About

Different technologies are used for making milk and it depends on the type of milk that you are making and which process you choose. The whole process has a few steps that we are going to explain a bit about.

The first two are pasteurization and homogenisation, which help get rid of all the bacteria and microorganisms and also help get that consistent texture and taste. The next step where a lot of companies use bombas centrifugas is centrifugal separation, which is the process of removing fat and cream from the milk so you can get low fat, reduced fat, or skimmed milk. The next step is ultrafiltration, which holds back the protein, fats, and only water and lactose pass through.

Bombas Centrifugas

In some cases, a similar process to ultrafiltration can be done and it is called reverse osmosis where you get rid of all the milk solids and let the water pass through. If you were to make powdered milk products, you can do spray drying which removes water from milk. The final step is referred to as permit where milk is passed through different filters so that lactose vitamins and minerals are filtered through it and they are referred to as permeate. This is something that helps milk have consistent properties, which is a part of the food standards code that needs to be followed. Different machinery including bombas centrifugas is being used in the milk industry, which means the process is fast and efficient.

Making milk is not a simple process and it consists of many different steps and different technology that is being used. These are just the basics to get you informed about the milk-making industry.

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